BP Takes A Step Back From Clean Energy

BP Trading Down 41.2700 USD per share, -0.6201, -1.51% While oil and gas procedures can obviously be pricey undertakings, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill of 2010 cost BP around $40 billion. Generally speaking, those initiatives provide far greater earnings than clean energy. Considering the large… Read More… Advertisements

Goldman Sachs Bypassing Political Arena

Goldman Sachs Group Trading Down Goldman Sachs will not be getting into politics. The concept was suggested in 2012 by John Harrington, President of Harrington Investments. Harrington stated that the $6.39 million in political donations from Goldman personnel threatened to do additional damage… Read More…

Goldman Sachs Trading Up As Caruso Case Is Settled

Goldman Sachs Trading Up Goldman Sachs is currently being offered at 147.1740 USD per share, up 1.9200 or 1.23%. Richard Caruso, creator of Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corp., registered a settlement case versus the Goldman Sachs firm back in 2009, professing misrepresentation, fraudulence and… Read More…

Royal Bank of Scotland To Be Fined $800m

RBS Trading Up News reports today are that British bank RBS my face an $800m fine in connection to their involvement in the recent libor scandal. The chances are however this fine may be delayed into next week which may prove to be a tough few days ahead for the company. This is due in … Continue reading

Dell Ready To Go Private In $15Bn Deal

Dell Trading Up Dell Computers are very close today leaving the Wall Street floors and become a private company as they continue to negotiate a financing deal said to be worth $15Bn. This would make it the largest computer tech transaction since 2007 when Hewlett Packard purchased Compaq. One of… Read More…