Facebook Home Causing Apple/Microsoft Battle To Heat Up


Apple Trading Up 423.420 USD per share, +0.200, +0.06% Microsoft Trading Down 28.5100 USD per share, -0.1700, -0.66% Facebook Trading Down 26.7803 USD per share, -0.6200, -2.27% Apple and Microsoft spent two decades combating over market share and technologies within the field of computers…. Read More…

Microsoft Boasts About Windows 8 Shipment Numbers


Microsoft Trading Up The Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system is not noted for its glowing reviews. the truth is, it is often passed over in discussion related to the leading mobile platforms. This makes a recent announcement made by Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s public relations head, rather… Read More…

Microsoft Tops Google In Xbox Battle


Google Trading Up, Microsoft Trading Down Microsoft has emerged on the winning side (at least temporarily) in a battle versus Google in their continuing patent challenge, according to Reuters. An International Trade Commission admin legislation judge ruled that Microsoft’s well-known Xbox game… Read More…

Google Unveil The ChromeBook


Google Trading Up Google have today unveiled the touchscreen ChromeBook and first expert impression is that the hardware and build quality is very impressive. Offered with a 2560 x 1700, pixel screen which puts it into the same league as the MacBook with retina display, the step up however is… Read More…

Google Chairman Cashing In Shares For $2.5Bn


Google Trading Down Google chairman Eric Schmidt may be looking to sell as much as 42% of his shares in the company over the next 12 months. He has already made a filing with the SEC to sell up to 3.2m shares. At the end of 2012 he has around 7.6m shares already meaning that … Continue reading

Apple Fall For First Time In 10 Years


Apple Trading Up Apple are preparing for a drop in profit over the coming days as their earnings report is due out tomorrow after the closing bell. Net income is forecasted to have dropped 2% to $12.8B. This would mark the first slide in Apple earnings in a decade and comes amid concerns that… Read … Continue reading

Facebook To Launch Search Feature


Facebook Trading Up The unveiling of the Facebook Search concept is a move that analysts feel is a major step that the company needed to make to continue recovering their original $38 IPO figure which has been falling ever since and also to enhance user engagement. In the run up to the… Read More…

Aluminum Demand Increased In China


Alcoa Trading Up Economic rebound in China will boost aluminum demand according Alcoa the largest producer in the US. He says that they expect demand to increase by 7% this year as spending in China is helping to push up their economy. Alcoa’s earnings report yesterday shows that they matched… Read More… 

Google Upset US Government

Google Trading Up The Chairman of Google has been criticized today after he made plans to visit North Korea. The State department have said that the timing of the visit by Eric Schmidt as being “unhelpful” following North Koreas launch of a long range rocket last month. North Korea is one of… Read More…

Amazon To Launch In China

Amazon Trading Down Amazon has today started to sell ebooks in China. The Chinese users can now download Kindle software onto their tablets and smart phones to buy books. This could be a sign that Amazon may be looking to launch the sale of their Kindle devices in China sometime in the near… Read More…