Goldman Sachs Bypassing Political Arena


Goldman Sachs Group Trading Down Goldman Sachs will not be getting into politics. The concept was suggested in 2012 by John Harrington, President of Harrington Investments. Harrington stated that the $6.39 million in political donations from Goldman personnel threatened to do additional damage… Read More…

Goldman Sachs Trading Up As Caruso Case Is Settled


Goldman Sachs Trading Up Goldman Sachs is currently being offered at 147.1740 USD per share, up 1.9200 or 1.23%. Richard Caruso, creator of Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corp., registered a settlement case versus the Goldman Sachs firm back in 2009, professing misrepresentation, fraudulence and… Read More…

Euro Drops To 3-Month Low vs. US Dollar


Euro Trading Down The euro fell to a more than 3-month low in opposition to the U.S. dollar and a close to two-week trough as opposed to the yen on Monday as a bailout plan for Cyprus which will tax bank deposits sparked contagion concerns in the euro zone. The 0.9% decrease on the day … Continue reading

NetFlix Trading at Highest Point Since 2011


NetFlix Trading Down Netflix is opening at $184 this morning which is its highest point since September 2011. Since they released their fourth quarter earnings the stock has surged 80%. This is due mainly to the addition of 2m new subscribers which has therefore encouraged investors. Experts are… Read More…

RBS To Be Fined $612m


Royal Bank of Scotland Trading Up The Royal Bank of Scotland are said to be the latest bank to face fines under the recent libor scandal. It is reported that they will have to pay fines of $612m for manipulating global interest rates.  This will be the second highest fine connected to this… Read More…

US Heatwave Affects Wheat Prices


Wheat Trading Up The USDA is intending to release three very important reports regarding the current state of the agricultural commodity figures. The first is the World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates which comes out once a month. Then there is the Quarterly Stocks Report which is only… Read More…

Apple iTV a reality?

Apple Trading Down Tech assets are an area to watch this week as the Consumer Electronics Show starts tomorrow. This is where all the top brands look to test their new gadgets with the markets. The event is being over shadowed by the talk of the “iTV” potentially going to be launched… Read More…