Facebook Phone Launch ?

Facebook Trading Up Facebook are holding a “mystery meeting” today open to the press which is very out of character for the company. Ever since their IPO they have been very straightforward and upfront regarding company news. Any issues that they had with the IPO seem to be behind them now… Read More…

US Heatwave Affects Wheat Prices

Wheat Trading Up The USDA is intending to release three very important reports regarding the current state of the agricultural commodity figures. The first is the World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates which comes out once a month. Then there is the Quarterly Stocks Report which is only… Read More…

Amazon To Launch In China

Amazon Trading Down Amazon has today started to sell ebooks in China. The Chinese users can now download Kindle software onto their tablets and smart phones to buy books. This could be a sign that Amazon may be looking to launch the sale of their Kindle devices in China sometime in the near… Read More…

Understanding the Sentiment of the Market

As a binary options trader it is likely that you will hear the term, “market sentiment.” In its most basic state it means the general attitude of the market. Another term that describes it appropriately is “crowd psychology.” If the prices are rising, the market sentiment would be… Read More… <a href=

Using Technical Analysis to Trade Binary Options

Binary options are a wonderful way to make a substantial profit in a very short amount of time. There are two basic types of analysis that can be used to ensure a trader’s success. Both technical and fundamental analyses are methods of knowing what type of contract to purchase on an underlying… Read More… <a … Continue reading